The mission of the Patient Access Symposium is to provide a forum for large academic health systems to discuss solutions, disseminate ideas, and collaborate as a collective group to improve patient access in a complex ambulatory enterprise. To meet these goals in the unique setting inherent for children, the Children's Hospital Access Symposium was formed; it shares the same mission albeit delivering value in a pediatric setting. 

Our content is driven by attention to three main pillars:

•Capacity Management and Scheduling Optimization
•Call Center Management
•Ambulatory Clinic Operations

Representing institutions that see 500,000 to more than four million patients per annum, our members include representatives from the C-Suite, Ambulatory Services, Operations, Patient Experience, Finance, Call/Contact Centers, Capacity Management, Information Technology, Strategic Planning and Department-based Leadership. While representing a variety of positions, all members are passionately dedicated to performance improvement in patient access in the ambulatory enterprise.

Membership is by invitation only. Contact Elizabeth to learn more.