The Patient Access Symposium

Since 2011, the Patient Access Symposium has provided a forum for the nation’s largest and most prestigious health systems to discuss and advance initiatives that can vastly improve patient access to ambulatory care.

This invitation-only community consists of leaders from academic health systems and children’s hospitals across the nation. Together, our members operate multi-specialty ambulatory enterprises that manage anywhere from a half a million to more than six million patient encounters a year.

The PAS not only shares ideas and data, we share a passion for patients. Behind everything we do is the philosophy that nothing should impede a patient’s access to the services they need. And without a concerted effort to keep that path short and clear, the value we provide our patients will diminish.

Pillars of PAS

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The Benefits of Membership

“The information shared is real, usable, and helps all participants at every level. It’s an industry must-have.”  - PAS Participant

The Patient Access Symposium gives its members unprecedented access to leaders just like them who understand the challenges and complexities of a large ambulatory enterprise.

By sharing ideas, contacts and best practices, members of the Patient Access Symposium can find real solutions to the challenges of a large, complex ambulatory enterprise. 

PAS Membership Includes:

  • An invitation to our annual May Symposium
  • Access to a community-based listserv and membership directory
  • Annual report of all member activities related to patient access
  • Annual benchmarking survey results
  • Other related resources
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Our Annual Symposium

Each year, industry leaders from all across the country come together to share ideas on solving some of the most challenging aspects of patient access. Hosted by one of our members, the annual Patient Access Symposium features workshops on access-related issues like scheduling optimization, patient experience and referral management, followed by the host institution’s showcase of access initiatives. 

Note: Only Patient Access Symposium members may attend, and invited institutions may send up to 3 registrants, one of whom must be a director level or above.